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Hermix: monitor and understand public sector tenders

Hermix solves critical daily pains: monitoring and understanding public sector tenders.

Data intelligence is where our magic kicks in. We collect and also clean up data, in order to provide smart market reports, answering practical, difficult questions, such as:

  • The analysis of public sector buyers, per industry and domain (e.g. suppliers of “conference services”, or “software”).
  • The profile of each public sector authority: what they buy, budgets, evolution in time, per industry and domain.
  • The history and trends of spending of each European Commission Directorate-General, for the last 16 years – e.g. the evolution of their budgets for IT services, or for security services, per year.
  • The suppliers of each public authority in Europe, with details regarding contract values, number and volume of contracts.
  • Contract renewals: what public contracts are going to expire, when, what was the previous similar tender and who won.
  • The list of projects similar to a particular opportunity.
  • The preferred partners of each contractor, and the evolution of the partnerships per year.

How can we do all this?

Data quality

The majority of the data used for visualization comes from public sources, then it is evaluated, curated, and prepared for visualization. Our primary data sources are the European Commission, including EC payments, TED and the open data portal, as well as the European Central Bank, Eurostat, the World Bank, and others. We improve our data collection and cleaning algorithms continuously.

How can we make data analyzable?

Additional data cleaning operations are carried out for statistical purposes, such as normalizing the different languages, currencies, values, codes, identifiers, names, and bringing them all to a common denominator; removing abnormal values; performing approximations and estimations for missing or abnormal values; and so on.

Why do we do this?

The main tools currently used for public procurement are manual monitoring and local spreadsheets. Hermix replaces manual data collection and analysis with modern analytics.

Contractors currently monitor manually public procurement platforms, such as TED, where they search manually for tenders and information. They also browse through various websites and documents of public authorities, including with Google search.

Information is then organized and managed locally, in local databases or spreadsheets. This requires a lot of manual work, data it is not automated and not reusable.

What we do

We provide automation and data analytics for public sector sales and presales managers, for the B2G business-to-government market:

  • Tender monitoring, email notifications, smart market watch.
  • Opportunity qualification, with actionable data and infographics ref. authorities, competition, gaps.
  • Market analysis, segmentation, and forecasting. Understanding the market: where is the money, who buys & sells, what, when, where, how, needs, future opportunities and renewals, competition, adversities, partnership affinities & appetite.