About B2G

B2G is the sale and marketing of goods and services to international, national, federal, regional, and local public administration.

B2G is a structured, systematic marketing approach, building on already established B2B/B2C methods such as demographics & firmographics.

The Business-to-Government market is:


Distinct from B2B/B2C.




Plenty of data

No repeatable
methods or tools.

Business-to-Government - B2G has huge amounts of money.

Public sector represents 47-54% of GDP.

Public procurement is 14-20% of GDP.

There are specific challenges, and also opportunities in this market. 

It is complex, transparent, predictable, sustainable, and now: automatable.

B2G is distinct from B2B / B2C:

Governmentgraphics is the specific
feature-based B2G segmentation.


financing institutions, public organizations & buyers, with detailed analysis of profile, type, level, coverage, domain, size, budget, spending

Firmographics and demographics

deep profiling of sellers, beneficiaries, companies and consultancies active in the European public sector, mapping of alliances and competitors

Behavioural analysis

history of spending habits and market participation, products and services, trends

Geographic segmentation

who spends, who benefits, where money is spent

Transactional & monetary segmentation

volumes, number of transactions, market size, budgets

Recency, frequency, monetary segmentation

market fragmentation, variety, diversification, relationships and dependencies

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