Hermix helps these companies win public contracts,
with tender monitoring, market intelligence
and bid automation based on AI



”I love how Hermix delivers filtered information to my inbox every day, how I can prioritize opportunities based on market intelligence, and how I can keep track of my tender qualification status, all in one place.

Alexandra C., Head of Presales & eLearning at Tremend - Publicis-Sapient

A usable and useful tool for business development strategists. Easy to use with tons of interesting features allowing true customization.


Data is inclusive and data analysis is professional and very useful. ” 

Nikolaos Antoniou,
Senior Sales Manager at NEBS

”When working with customers in the #publicsector space it is important to get hold of opportunities, understand the purchasing trends for certain institutions, and uncover winning consortium dynamics.


One of the must-have tools we started using at Zetta Cloud is Hermix.”

George Bara, Founder Zetta Cloud

”Hermix has truly revolutionized the way I retrieve critical information for Competitive Intelligence, even if it is publicly available. The platform's user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it incredibly easy to filter and navigate through the vast amount of data.

I can effortlessly customize notifications according to my specific needs, ensuring that I never miss out on important updates.


The notifications provide direct access to Hermix, allowing me to go deeper into the analysis without any hassle. Additionally, Hermix has a timely and responsive support team. Whenever I have had a question or needed assistance, their support has been prompt and helpful. ”

Anna Maria Carpani,
Program Manager, Fincons

"Hermix is truly an impressive platform. As someone deeply involved in public market research, I've found Hermix to be unmatched in its strong and accurate data analytics. It stands as a superior tool, particularly in the European bids landscape, offering comprehensive and insightful information on historical, current, and prospective bids.


What sets Hermix apart is its unparalleled level of detail in analysis, providing invaluable insights. I'm particularly impressed by its ability to handle large datasets, transforming them into easily understandable formats. The future forecast capabilities add an extra edge, predicting trends and potential opportunities.


In conclusion, Hermix elevates market research to new heights, and I highly recommend it to anyone in the field."

Madalina Popescu,
Client Solution Strategist, AI & ML Data at Defined

"We are delighted to share the remarkable impact that the Hermix portal has had on our operations at Axians Digital Consulting. With this innovative tool, we've experienced substantial gains in productivity, particularly in our handling of public sector market analysis and call for tenders qualification. Not only does it save us time, but it also empowers us to generate precise market insights promptly, allowing us to redirect our focus towards high-value activities.


Furthermore, the continuous evolution of the Hermix platform, driven by community feedback, is truly commendable. It reflects a commitment to excellence and a dedication to meeting the evolving needs of users like us.


Congratulations to the Hermix team on their achievements, and may they continue on this path of success."


Gisela Santos, Head of Europe Market Sales at Axians Digital Consulting

I like a lot the user interface. I am a fan of sober clean interface to navigate, this is very good.
The great added value of Hermix is the context analysis, such as similar tenders, similar projects, previous results.


Also, something that is very useful in my case is the tender summarization tool, to summarize the tender, so as to have a tender summary. Great added value. It helps to know if you should go through the rest of the documents or not.”

Oscar Altimira,
Project manager International Public Procurement at Catalonia Trade & Investment

”After using Hermix as well as other platforms extensively, I can confidently say that Hermix outshines any other tool in terms of providing a more interesting and insightful analysis.


One of the most striking features of Hermix is its ability to conduct a robust and in-depth comparison between contractors. The level of detail and precision in its analysis is simply unmatched.”

Lia Federici, Business Development Manager, Technopolis

”I have “played” with Hermix and I must say it is an enormous sink of information, accessible via an ingenious software, for qualifying, comparing, and analyzing the rich data.


Any organisation with a solid interest in European business must find this tool fantastic because they can find and analyze the future, but even more interestingly, the past.


I hope you will have the success with this marvelous tool that it merits, not only from the industry but also from the administrations concerned.

Roland Haber, Managing Partner, Xpertiz

"A tool that responds to key needs of any business development team. It provides useful insight into opportunities, customers, and players.


It gives access, in a very intuitive way, to information we need for our daily work. A great achievement by the Hermix team."

Oscar Fernández, Head of EU Services Unit. Bilbomática, an Altia Company.

”This tool makes discovering, analyzing, and developing new EU public sector business easy.”

Filip Ternovszky, Director of Operations at ARICOMA Autocont Cleverlance

”Very excited, congratulations, this is the first time I see such an application, with all this information in only one place.


Very powerful tool.”

Pascal Desart,
International Organizations Director

I have a very positive opinion of Hermix. It solves key needs. The app is super promising.

Rudolf de Schipper,
General Manager Unisys Belgium

"The analyses and correlations provided by Hermix are mind-blowing."

Mihai Tataran,
General Manager, Avaelgo

Hermix successfully delivered a good solution for public sector sales.

Philippe Thewisen, Brayton

"Optimal for market analysis and forecast! Hermix is precise and comprehensive in terms of forecasts and tender renewals.


The daily monitoring is easy to use, and the overall research filters are easy to set up."

Pietro Maria Stillitano,
Manager at Intellera consulting

"Excellent software! The usability and deep data analysis make it a very good experience.


It's quite useful for obtaining and identifying your needs."

Davide Vietri,
Senior Expert PMO and Planning at Intellera consulting

"I like that the comprehensive database covers the entire EU.


Really good – I believe it is a useful product for companies competing in the public sector market."


Petr Sebasta, Bits4s

" I truly appreciate the excellent value it provides for the money. No need to work hard for data – Hermix brings almost everything to your screen effortlessly.


It offers a very specific and focused view of the topic you are looking for. Highly recommended!"


Monica Sakhrani,
Assistante commerciale at Luminess

"Hermix is an intelligent tool that makes our tender team smarter by aggregating and qualifying large volumes of data.


We chose it because of the market knowledge behind its design. We appreciated the 'hands-on' onboarding and guidance from the Hermix team."


Jeff Sheridan,
Matrix Internet

"Great product! Easy to use with excellent support.


The team was incredibly helpful during the setup, jumping on calls to guide us through the product."


Inaki Matrix,
Head of International Division at Matrix Internet

"Hermix is an incredibly advanced and useful tool for unlocking business opportunities in the public sector.


Its user-friendly interface and robust analytics make it an essential resource for easy navigation and insightful decision-making."

Radek Lukas,
Business Development Manager at ARICOMA Autocont Cleverlance

”Congratulations, you created something special. It is like taming a wild beast, to capture and manage such a complex structure.


As a consultancy, this could have saved us 2 people doing full-time data analysis and monitoring. No doubt it is great what you’ve done.”

Gerard McNamara, CEO & Founder - Schuman Associates

"Very useful and powerful tool for public procurement in the EU! Particularly for EU procurement, Hermix can help save many hours usually spent on TED trying to gather relevant information about tenders.


Their data visualization tools are also of great help for managers who are looking for procurement opportunities within the EU ecosystem."

Joao Andre,
Country Manager at Linkare

"Hermix is unique, providing clean data and intelligent information.


It stands out as a distinct tool in efficient information management."

Jaume Fuentes,
EU and Multilaterals Corporate Affairs Director at Seidor

"Hermix is the tool we needed. It's easy to use, and gives you all the data you need in one place."


Estelle Delbart, Bid Manager at Westpole

"Comparing tenders is highly beneficial and incredibly useful, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making in procurement processes."


Anca Wlizlo, Head of Strategic Projects Advisory at Schuman Associates

”Our business-critical need is to monitor the B2G market for upcoming tenders. To keep ourselves informed, we have developed an internal tool that requires significant resources to curate the vast amount of data manually. We dropped that tool because Hermix provides a comprehensive solution for the B2G market, including tender monitoring and curated data about the market.


With Hermix, we have access to valuable information such as the client's available budget, previous suppliers who won contracts, and the contract history. This enables us to form partnerships on time to increase our chances of success in winning tenders.”

Cornel Nițu, Owner Eau de Web

"Hermix is truly an amazing tool that has proven to be a time-saving game-changer. The clarity and efficiency of search results make information retrieval a breeze. I particularly appreciate the quick insights into upcoming contract expirations, enabling timely preparations for renewals and bids.


The tool's ability to provide comprehensive data for competitive analysis empowers users to craft well-informed strategies. Without a doubt, I highly recommend Hermix for anyone seeking a tool that not only saves time but also enhances strategic decision-making."


Ana Maria Filip (Valceanu),
Controlling & Reporting Director


"Before utilizing this app, our process of identifying calls for tenders was labor-intensive and inefficient, involving manual data reverse engineering and complex pipeline creation.


This app has revolutionized our approach, automating the search and database construction, saving us invaluable time, and significantly improving our market insights. Its intuitive interface and robust functionality have not only streamlined our operations but also provided us with a strategic advantage in navigating the public sector market.


We're now able to act on opportunities faster and more effectively than ever before, thanks to this transformative tool.”

Michael Mathieu,
Sales director at Westpole

”The downloadable PDF tool is a real lifesaver. It's been incredibly useful, even for me. Highly recommended!”

Nikolaos Antoniou,
Senior Sales Manager at NEBS

Hermix provides easy access to EU public procurement information in a user-friendly interface. Instead of watching TED, digging through the Financial Transparency System, Hermix combines the information in one tool.


Analysis of competition and potential partners for tenders is also easier with Hermix.

Marc Salm, Bid Director at Arhs 

”Hermix is a game-changer! Amazing platform that helps me win calls for tender.


It is user-friendly with excellent support.


The data is accurate and very precise, helping me seal deals.”

Nicolas Vande Kerckhove,
EU Account Manager, Capgemini

”Thank you for Hermix, it saves my life again and again.”


Xavier Letizia,
Business Development Manager

”The tool is very cool, we like it a lot.”

Luca Crescenzi,
Business Development Manager

”Hermix is the perfect tool to save time when responding to calls for tender on TED. It streamlines our tender response process, allowing us to focus on crafting compelling proposals. An essential tool for any company looking to efficiently manage tenders.”

Frédéric Ribordy-Moullec,
Managing Director at CTG

”Hermix is very easy to use and works great with DG Budget data. The clear graphics help us manage our tender responses quickly and easily. Highly recommend!”


David Duterre,
Senior Business Development Executive at Uni Systems

”Hermix is fantastic, and their support team is absolutely amazing. They helped us every step of the way, ensuring our success. Highly recommend!”

Jesse Lee,
Board Advisor at Euroforce

"I have spent many hours looking for tenders in the past.


Now with Hermix is super easy to monitor and identify interesting tenders. "

Michel Bosco,
Sales at Rhea

"Hermix efficiently satisfies the need for accurate information, saving significant time by consolidating everything in one organized, up-to-date application.


Crafted with the insight of a seasoned government salesperson, it's designed to find leads, compare the competition, and provide historical data on both main competitors and contracting authorities.


A powerful tool tailored for effective decision-making in government sales."


Marian Hanganu, Senior Sales Manager, Business Consultant 

”We don't have a tool similar to what Hermix does in terms of data management.


We had a difficult experience about understanding the public sector market - the data is not cleaned up, but we need deep data analysis. So we were losing a lot of time doing market research. This is not convenient. If you want to anticipate future projects, manual data management is not enough.


So, we clearly needed a tool like Hermix. Hermix understands the difficulties, requirements, and the needs for doing sales successfully in the public sector.”


IT Manager

"I am enthusiastic about Hermix. Besides contractors, it has the great potential to support even public authorities to understand better their own projects, spending, and suppliers.”


Rudy Demo,
Senior consultant in public procurement

”You have a great idea, there is a huge need for this kind of intell!

Now that money start to be scarce and the private sector markets are cooling down, it's the right moment for you. Probably a lot of companies will re-orient towards the public sector to get some additional revenue.”


IT Manager,
International financial institution

”Super interesting, what you are doing with Hermix, especially considering that the public sector business is completely opaque.


With Hermix, new players finally have a fair chance to win public contracts.”

Business owner

”Hermix is a Ted procurement portal but with plenty new opportunities and tools, such as market intelligence analytics.”


Account Manager

”The renewal feature is brilliant. Hermix ergonomics is better than any other platform.”


Brian Cochrane,
Senior communications consultant

”Hermix is great for new-comers to see a list of government tenders that would be interesting for them, and obtain hints and directions on how to proceed to win those tenders.”

Patrick De la Haye,
Managing Partner, EDDA

”This app is the only one I trust for getting raw data in an organized way. If you need to make tough decisions fast, this is it. Bidding in the B2G sector is much easier when you know the trends and what the competition is doing.”

Stefan Sasu,
Program Manager

”Analyzing government/public sector data has never been smoother.


The user-friendly interface and tailored reporting from Hermix perfectly align with our business expectations, making data insights efficient and on point.”


EUI Region Managing Director

”Give it a try, it will surprise you

High potential, ease of use & complete database.”


Sales Manager at Romania Luxembourg Business Forum (ROMLUX) Asbl

”Bringing modern analytics to Business-to-Government (B2G) operations sets Hermix apart, allowing businesses to leverage big data for strategic decision-making in the government sector, a domain where such tools were traditionally less accessible.”


Dan Fundatureanu, AFA CyberPatriot Technical Mentor

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