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We provide opportunity monitoring, qualification, deep market analysis, automation, and support for B2G - business-to-government sales.

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Replace manual search & Excel files.

Upgrade your team from data entry to analysis.

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Propose the right products & the right price

Increase win rates from 10-20% to 60-70%.


Focus on high-value customers & deals.

Delivery quality

Choose the best technology and partners.

Sustainable sales

Change from opportunistic to strategic sales.

Scale-up from 1 lucky sale to 10…1000 repeated wins.



”Hermix has truly revolutionized the way I retrieve critical information for Competitive Intelligence, even if it is publicly available. The platform's user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it incredibly easy to filter and navigate through the vast amount of data.

I can effortlessly customize notifications according to my specific needs, ensuring that I never miss out on important updates. The notifications provide direct access to Hermix, allowing me to go deeper into the analysis without any hassle. Additionally, Hermix has a timely and responsive support team. Whenever I have had a question or needed assistance, their support has been prompt and helpful. ”

Anna Maria Carpani,
Program Manager, Fincons

”Our business-critical need is to monitor the B2G market for upcoming tenders. To keep ourselves informed, we have developed an internal tool that requires significant resources to curate the vast amount of data manually. We dropped that tool because Hermix provides a comprehensive solution for the B2G market, including tender monitoring and curated data about the market.

With Hermix, we have access to valuable information such as the client's available budget, previous suppliers who won contracts, and the contract history. This enables us to form partnerships on time to increase our chances of success in winning tenders.”

Cornel Nițu, Owner Eau de Web

Easy access to EU public procurement information.

Hermix provides easy access to EU public procurement information in a user-friendly interface. Instead of watching TED, digging through the Financial Transparency System, Hermix combines the information in one tool.

Analysis of competition and potential partners for tenders is also easier with Hermix. Hermix is especially useful for newcomers in the EU business.

The user interface could be more appealing and modern.

Marc Salm, Bid Director at Arhs 

"A tool that responds to key needs of any business development team. It provides useful insight into opportunities, customers, and players.

It gives access, in a very intuitive way, to information we need for our daily work. A great achievement by the Hermix team."

Oscar Fernández, Head of EU Services Unit. Bilbomática, an Altia Company.

"The analyses and correlations provided by Hermix are mind-blowing."

Mihai Tataran,
General Manager, Avaelgo

”This tool makes discovering, analyzing, and developing new EU public sector business easy.”

Filip Ternovszky, Director of Operations at ARICOMA Autocont Cleverlance


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