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Video tutorials, tips & tricks

Hermix vision 2024

Video transcript:

I’ve been doing sales to government institutions for 20 years. And it went great.

The public sector is huge. It’s probably the largest market out there, and the opportunities are amazing. We did incredible business for the European Commission and other public institutions and we’ve built a couple of highly successful businesses. But, then, I made an astonishing observation:

All our work is manual.

We are still in the stone age compared to consumer, retail, or B2B. Where you have tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Salesforce, HubSpot, or Chatgpt. These know everything about the customers in B2B or consumers with analysis such as demographics, firmographics, and geographics.

So Hermix brings public sector sales to the 21st century. With tender monitoring and market intelligence, we help companies win public contracts. With Hermix, I can monitor my daily opportunities. I can analyze the context of each opportunity, and I can perform strategic market analysis for my current market or for a new target market where I want to position myself.

So here is what you can do with Hermix. On the home page, you have your dashboard then you can monitor the opportunities that are interesting for you. And what you can do more with Hermix, compared to any other platforms out there, is you can go into detail on the opportunities that are interesting for you, you can look at the profile, history of a tender, who won contracts there before, what other projects are being done by this customer, where are their services delivered from. And you can analyze the profile of a particular company their business, the types of services that they are delivering, from where, the kind of customers they have, the history of their projects, their contracts, and their competition. You can look at the profile of a particular authority and see its history, its business, its market, its suppliers, and its projects.

Monitor new public sector opportunities

Video transcript:

The daily struggle when you do public sector sales is to monitor tenders every day, looking at what tender appeared today for your particular market, then analyzing that tender and understanding if it is relevant for you or not. And obviously, this is also what Hermix is doing. 

The platform remembers the filters that you have used the last time. You can save your reports and your filters in your personal profile, and you can see all the opportunities that appeared for your market, you can export all the data, and save the report. When you save a report it will be available in the list of your reports, that you can see every day. You can set up notifications for these reports and receive emails in your inbox every day or every week, or every month with what happened in your market.

Besides tender notifications, you can also have a look at contract awards, who signed, what contracts at prior information notices that announce future tenders that have not been issued yet, but also renewals. 

Renewals are tenders that are going to be launched, most probably because their contracts expired, and you can see also their history of who won, and what before for that contract that is going to be renewed.

Opportunity qualification

Video transcript:

In public sector sales every day we scan for new tenders, and when we find a new potentially interesting tender what we need to do is to understand the context of this project. Let’s say I’m interested in this project for example: the European Commission publications Office of the European Union, 58 million contracts with a deadline in February for project management for IT services. So we have the typical information deadline, budget, and so on. 

Hermix provides you something that is not available in any other platform, the context,  because we cleaned up seven years of history for the entire European public sector as well as 16 years for the European Commission. This means that I have information about the winners of similar contracts,  84 companies that signed contracts for the same type of services for this authority.  I can see them with one click, for instance, these are the 21 contracts signed by Aris for the publications office for this type of services. 

I can see the profile of every company with one click. I can have a look at all the previous contracts, 181 in similar services. I can see if there are contracts that are going to be renewed and if there are other tenders that are being opened for the same authority. I can also have a look at the profile of this authority, and potential customers in the publications office. I can see the contact points, emails, phone numbers, and addresses. I have an overview of its business for my particular type  IT, but I can look also at other types of services. I have a history of services that have been tendered both as charts and data. I can have a look at the market that provided these services per country, the history, the six and seven years of history of contracts, numbers as well as fragmentation of the market. I can see their past contracts and for the European Commission, I can also see the 16 years of history of payments, both for IT as well as for other services, both as a chart view or as a data view per year, per country of the suppliers and beneficiaries, per type of services, type of contract with values, fragmentation, diversification and their main suppliers and beneficiaries, as well as per year. And I can even look at the details.


Video transcript:

The European public sector market is huge. There are thousands of tenders published every day and even if you monitor only for your specific market, for your specific type of authorities, countries, or industry, there are still tens, hundreds of open tenders that might be of interest. 

So what do you do? You look at them and you see which tender is of interest to you, with Hermix you can also flag these opportunities. When you flag an opportunity to be qualified, this setting is remembered by the platform and it will be shared between your colleagues. 

Your colleagues will be able to see that some tenders need to be reviewed and seen, and so on. On your dashboard, you have your list of flagged opportunities or contracts, or awards. With one click you can see for your organization which are the flagged opportunities, what flags have been set, and who set the flag. 

This flag can also be customized. If you go to your personal profile, you can set up your own flags with your own specific labels, order, priority, and color.

Tips and tricks 2024

Video transcript:

Here are some tips and tricks on how to work with tables and reports in Hermix. We will start from the home page. 

Let’s say I want to see the list of open tenders that are relevant to me. The filters that I see on this screen are the ones that I used the last time, but I can clear the filters with one click, or I can reset the filters to my default filters which have been saved in my personal profile.

I can save this report for further reference and then it will appear here in the list of my preferred reports, and I can access it with one click. I can create a notification and at that moment I will receive daily or weekly or monthly emails with these relevant tenders. But let’s have a look at the report itself.

By default, this report is sorted by deadline and date published, but I can change this sorting order with one click on the column name. If I keep shift pressed I can sort by multiple columns at the same time. Every report can be customized. I can select what columns to be displayed or hidden. 

Let’s say I want to show also the industry and the authority type and I can select the number of rows to be displayed. For example, I want to see 25 or 100. Or let’s say I want to see the next page. All the reports can be exported in Excel file or in CSV file. You can always reach out to us by clicking on the chat button in the bottom right corner.

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