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Improved team collaboration and personalized updates in Hermix

We have 7 great new features in Hermix that will improve your overall app experience.

  • Flags board 
    Helps team members manage the flagged opportunities of their organization, in a Kanban board.
  • Daily digest email for changed opps
    You can now receive a single daily digest notification email, to receive all the news for all the opportunities you’re monitoring. The default setting is now ”daily digest emails” for all users. You can always revert to individual emails from Settings.
  • Comments and history of opportunities
    Members of an organization can now share comments on opportunities, and check their history – e.g. past flags or comments.
  • Self-service
    Organization owners can manage their users, roles, and seats. Owners automatically have a seat, granting them full access. We will also introduce ”free users”, with limited access.
  • New data sources
    We now import all daily notices from the EU procurement portal TED (OJS), from the national Belgium and Romanian procurement portals, as well as all documents published on eTendering, and all documents and clarification questions published on the EU Funding Portal. All these are indexed and searchable in Hermix, including all docs, excels, and PDFs. Tender documents can be analyzed with our AI summarization tool.
  • Download instantly all tender docs as zip archive
    From the EU Funding Portal, as zip archive, in Hermix. Clarification questions can be downloaded as a single PDF. You can setup email notifications for new docs or clarifications.
  • In case you missed it: here is a summary and the recording of our last webinar on using AI for success in public sector procurement.

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Hermix is fantastic, and their support team is absolutely amazing. They helped us every step of the way, ensuring our success. Highly recommend!” (Jesse Lee, Board Advisor at EuroForce Gmbh).

Summarize thousands of public tenders with AI

We’re inviting a limited number of people to join the Beta program and get priority access to upcoming LLM capabilities inside Hermix