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Summarize thousands of public tenders with AI

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Take a sneak peak into the future of public tendering. Watch the video and get an idea of what you can accomplish with AI public tender summarization.

AI Capabilities

Automatic analysis and summarization of tender specifications

Generating proposals automatically

Sample Reports

Commercial Analysis

Quick overview of the opportunity, including eligibility and financial selection criteria

Technical Qualification

Detailed assessment of technical requirements, compliance standards and benchmarks.

Our expertise and assets

Deep Understanding of Public Tendering

Huge data set and documents

Cuting-edge Generative LLM Tools

ChatGPT, Mistral, LlaMa, PrivateGPT

About Hermix

We help clients win public contracts and hyper-optimize their tendering processes by making sense of public sales data. 

market analysis

Segmentation, prediction gaps, positioning, targeting, actionable insights


Deep opportunity analysis. Understanding opportunities; Drill-down & drill-up


Smart market-watch, Monitoring opportunities, Daily emails

”I love how Hermix delivers filtered information to my inbox every day, how I can prioritize opportunities based on market intelligence, and how I can keep track of my tender qualification status, all in one place.”

Alexandra C.

Head of Presales & eLearning at Tremend – Publicis-Sapient

”Congratulations, you created something special. It is like taming a wild beast, to capture and manage such a complex structure.
As a consultancy, this could have saved us 2 people doing full-time data analysis and monitoring. No doubt it is great what you’ve done.”

Gerard McNamara,

CEO & Founder – Schuman Associates

”I have a very positive opinion of Hermix. It solves key needs. The app is super promising.”

Rudolf de Schipper,

General Manager Unisys Belgium

Hermix wins the special ”CE Tech Rocketship!” award from Deloitte and Google Cloud

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Learn how to use AI and modern technology to expand your pipeline, streamline your tendering process and win more public contracts 🇪🇺

live webinar | Apr 18th, 11am CET

Hyper-optimizing public tendering with AI

Stefan Morcov

CEO of Hermix, public sector sales analytics

Michael Mathieu

Sales Director at Westpole Benelux

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