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Hermix wins the EU Datathon organized by the EU Publications Office – European Commission, and is recognised as the best application for public procurement for young Europeans

Hermix won the EU Datathon 2022, being recognized as the best application for public procurement for young Europeans, in the prestigious competition organized by the Publications Office of the European Union – European Commission.

The EU Datathon competition is organised by the Publications Office of the European Union – European Commission. It promotes and rewards best practices in using public open data for social and commercial applications. The EU Datathon finals, held in Brussels in October 2022, were part of the European Year of Youth, and were streamed online.

In his opening speech, Commissioner Johannes Hahn praised the teams’ innovative approaches and underlined the strong positive impact on accountability, transparency, participation, inclusion, and democracy. According to Hilde Hardeman, Director-General of the EU Publications Office, the spirit of the EU Datathon is using open data for the benefit of society and citizens. ”The teams that take part prove time and again that data help to create new insights through applications and data visualization”, said Ms. Hardeman, as she introduced the finalists.

The public procurement market is huge, at €13 trillion worldwide and €2 trillion in Europe alone, which is spent by 250,000 public authorities. At the same time, it is complex and difficult to access. Unlike the business-to-consumer and business-to-business markets, the public sector falls short on tools for analytics, intelligence, and segmentation. Hermix aims to fill this gap and open up opportunities for businesses, startups, SMEs, and young entrepreneurs, helping them to access public funding, to win tenders and grants.

Hermix is the first marketing analytics platform for the public sector.

It relies on a new discipline: Business-to-Government, or B2G, which provides specific marketing segmentations such as government graphics and affinity mapping, and advanced, actionable insights through infographics. Launched publicly on 1 October 2022, Hermix was created by a cross-European team of experts in IT and public procurement.

This prestigious award confirms our efforts and results and encourages us to continue using big data to create knowledge and make sense of public procurement, with marketing analytics.

Summarize thousands of public tenders with AI

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