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Year in review


Summary events of 2023

It has been a great year for Hermix. We launched a set of great new features, we attended many insightful events and conferences, we signed quite a few contracts with serious customers and partners, we received remarkable feedback, and we won an important award that showed we did a good job this year.

Most important features

During the last year, Hermix launched a set of great new innovations, such as: 

  • Opportunity monitoring, email notifications, saved reports, smart market watch.
  • Opportunity qualification, with actionable data and infographics ref. authorities, competition, gaps.
  • Market analysis, segmentation, and forecasting. Understanding the market: where is the money, who buys & sells, what, when, where, how, needs, future opportunities and renewals, competition, adversities, partnership affinities & appetite.
  • Global search is your one-stop solution to search all European tenders in one place. It’s like having your very own “Google for public tenders”!
  • Partnerships: In the partnership report, you can see the history and details of all the contracts where 2 organizations are partners.
  • Competition analysis report: analysis of the contractors that participate to similar tenders, in the same region, for the same public authorities.
  • Prior notices – announcements for future tenders. This supplements the Renewals report.


We attended over 20 events and conferences this year. For example, we took part in the ICT Spring event where we had the opportunity to showcase our platform and explore potential business collaborations. We are also honored to have participated to several events organized by partners such as Aricoma (in Brussels and Luxembourg) and Crayon, or to major conferences such as HowtoWeb, GoTech, and European week of cities and regions.

Clients and partners

We partner with major, solid customers and partners, such as Westpole, Brayton, Tremend, Zetta Cloud, Fincons, Vass, Eau de Web, Schuman Associates, Technopolis, Cegeka, OTE – Cosmote Global Solutions, Aricoma Group, Rinf, Zitec, Engineering, Mindit, CST, Axians, KU Leuven university, Luxembourg University, Bucharest University, Romlux, Zetta, and Magurele Science Park. 

Awards and recognition

Hermix was awarded with the  `CE Tech Rocketship` special recognition from Deloitte and Google Cloud. The ‘Technology Fast 50 CE’ competition, organized by Deloitte, recognizes companies that have built their business architecture on a modern technology stack and demonstrate particularly high levels of technology maturity.

We are thrilled that our work is being rewarded once again, following last year’s Deloitte Impact Star award and the EU Datathon award from the European Commission. 

Hermix received the ‘Best Value 2023’ badge on Capterra by Gartner. A big thank you to our users and customers for their support and reviews! 

Capterra, a Gartner platform, helps users discover the best software products.

This recognition reaffirms our commitment to providing high-quality and valuable solutions to streamline and automate daily public sector sales activities.

Our goals for 2024 and beyond

The public sector – Business-to-Government (B2G) market is huge. We have the right solution, team, and technical and business expertise to accelerate the development of the platform, continuing to innovate and create a new product class, and profoundly disrupting B2G sales and public spending. 

  • We plan to reach over 1,000 users in the first semester of 2024 and to continue assisting European companies in succeeding in the public sector, making their sales and presales processes more efficient. 
  • We are committed to continuing to release new features monthly.
  • We want to communicate more with our clients and users to find out about their needs and opinions regarding our platform.
  • We will continue to expand our team, to grow and deliver more quality improvements to Hermix.
  • We will continue to participate in events and conferences, to expand our network and client base, while also getting inspiration for innovations and technologies.

3 reasons to use Hermix in 2024, from our users

We are glad to see so many people appreciate our platform!

”Congratulations, you created something special. It is like taming a wild beast, to capture and manage such a complex structure. As a consultancy, this could have saved us 2 people doing full-time data analysis and monitoring. No doubt it is great what you’ve done.” said Gerald McNamara, CEO & Founder – Schuman Associates

”Our business-critical need is to monitor the B2G market for upcoming tenders. To keep ourselves informed, we have developed an internal tool that requires significant resources to curate the vast amount of data manually. We dropped that tool because Hermix provides a comprehensive solution for the B2G market, including tender monitoring and curated data about the market. With Hermix, we have access to valuable information such as the client’s available budget, previous suppliers who won contracts, and the contract history. This enables us to form partnerships on time to increase our chances of success in winning tenders.” said Cornel Nițu, owner Eau de Web 

”After using Hermix as well as other platforms extensively, I can confidently say that Hermix outshines any other tool in terms of providing a more interesting and insightful analysis. One of the most striking features of Hermix is its ability to conduct a robust and in-depth comparison between contractors. The level of detail and precision in its analysis is simply unmatched.” said Lia Federici, Business Development Manager, Technopolis

Summarize thousands of public tenders with AI

We’re inviting a limited number of people to join the Beta program and get priority access to upcoming LLM capabilities inside Hermix