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New Hermix features: tender documents, QA, AI summarization, Belgium data

We have new features in Hermix:

  • Download all tender documents as a single ZIP archive (EC tenders only – published on the Participant Portal – SEDIA).
  • Download Q&A as Pdf file (for EC tenders).
  • Monitor and receive email notifications when new documents or Q&A are published for a tender.

All Belgium national tenders and notices are now available in Hermix.

We launched a new tool that summarizes tender specifications with AI/LLM.

Business news:

  • Hermix signed a €920k R&D grant from Eureka Eurostars, in partnership with the University of Luxembourg.
  • We successfully finalized a regional (ERDF) R&D grant of €250k.
  • More than 600 users, great partners, and customers, on our platform. 

New customer testimonials. Send us 2 lines about your own experience! 

”Congratulations, you created something special. It is like taming a wild beast, to capture and manage such a complex structure.

As a consultancy, this could have saved us 2 people doing full-time data analysis and monitoring. No doubt it is great what you’ve done.”

Gerard McNamara, CEO & Founder – Schuman Associates

“Before utilizing this app, our process of identifying calls for tenders was labor-intensive and inefficient, involving manual data reverse engineering and complex pipeline creation.

This app has revolutionized our approach, automating the search and database construction, saving us invaluable time, and significantly improving our market insights. Its intuitive interface and robust functionality have not only streamlined our operations but also provided us with a strategic advantage in navigating the public sector market.

We’re now able to act on opportunities faster and more effectively than ever before, thanks to this transformative tool.”

Michael Mathieu, Sales director at Westpole

Summarize thousands of public tenders with AI

We’re inviting a limited number of people to join the Beta program and get priority access to upcoming LLM capabilities inside Hermix