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Junior web developer – Php / Sql

We are building a next-generation market analytics platform, that revolutionizes B2G – Business-to-Government and public-sector sales.

We are the first market analytics platform for public sector sales.

We are

an international team, tech-savvy, passionate about IT and innovation.

We use the latest technologies to:

  • Crunch tens of millions of data points.
  • Clean-up and understand data with data engineering, data science, AI/ML.
  • Compute and visualize advanced deep-insights, reports and infographics.

We are looking for our new Web developer.


  • Experience in web development, Php, Sql.
  • Attention to detail, software and data quality.
  • Passionate about technology, eager to create meaning and value from IT and data.

These would be a plus

  • Laravel, jquery, Highcharts, Postgres, Aws.
  • Studies in computer science, IT, or software engineering.
  • Back-end development (Java, Python, OO…).

We offer

  • Fast, dynamic, agile, innovative, learning environment.
  • We use the newest technologies and intend to keep doing this.
  • We have rigorous software engineering practices for coding, testing, planning/tracking product development.
  • We are agile.
  • Full-time.
  • Work from anywhere.
  • Grow together.

Send us your CV.