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Hermix wins the special ”CE Tech Rocketship!” award from Deloitte and Google Cloud

Hermix was awarded the prestigious ”CE Tech Rocketship!” recognition at the 2023 edition of the annual Technology Fast 50 CE competition by Deloitte.

Deloitte and Google Cloud honor companies that create excellent and scalable solutions capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding customers in the market.

The ‘Technology Fast 50 CE’ competition, organized by Deloitte, recognizes companies that have built their business architecture on a modern technology stack and demonstrate particularly high levels of technology maturity.

We are thrilled that our hard work is being rewarded once again, following last year’s Impact Star award. Since then, we enrolled numerous users and clients on our platform, held over 600 meetings and workshops, released numerous new features, and received great feedback from our users, said Stefan Morcov, co-founder of Hermix.

During the last year, Hermix launched a set of great new innovations, such as: strategic market analysis, intelligent profiles of public authorities and their suppliers, supplier comparison, tender qualification analysis, network analysis of partnerships. 

We are also rolling out a global search function, capable of analyzing text and finding relevant tenders, authorities, partners, and even documents.

”This award encourages us to continue to evolve and innovate even more. We are passionate about deep technology, and about using technology to make public sector work easier for our users and clients. We trust that our work creates a better economic and social environment, increases competition, transparency, and efficiency of public spending.”, said Stefan Morcov.

About Hermix

Hermix is a radical market, social, and technical innovation. We are the first market analytics and automation platform for the European public sector sales. We use modern technologies, data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, to bring Business-to-Government to the 21st century. Every day we help companies win public contracts, with tender monitoring and market intelligence.

Big data is already used heavily in retail, consumer, B2C/B2B. 

With Hermix, modern analytics is also available to B2G – Business-to-government:

  • Tender monitoring: email notifications, smart market watch.
  • Opportunity qualification: actionable data and infographics ref. tenders, authorities, competition, gaps.
  • Deep market analysis and segmentation: where is the money, who buys & sells, what, when, where, and how.

Hermix has 22 clients and 500 users.