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Hermix supports European companies and startups to enter the public sector market, obtain public funding and grants

Using #OpenData for the benefit of society and citizens – that is the spirit of the #EUDatathon which the Publications Office of the European Union organises every year.

The teams that take part prove time and again that data help to create new insights through applications and #DataVisualisation.

Who are this year’s finalist teams? What applications are they proposing using #OpenData?

We asked them to say a few words about themselves and their ideas in the video series ‘The teams behind the apps’! 💖

Meet today our second team from Belgium and Romania: Hermix. See their story and the video clip they made:!JNR4Wg

The team argues that, unlike business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets, public procurement falls short on tools for analytics, intelligence and segmentation. Their app aims to fill this gap and open up opportunities for more businesses.

To get a full view of what our 12 finalist teams have in mind, join us on 20 October, and ‘live’ the #EUDatathon Finals together with them and with our great expert team. Join us and get inspiration. Register now! The event is online and free.!4htmKd

(text by Hilde Hardeman, Director-General of the EU Publications Office)

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